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Tell me, what is that? Some sort of greed to fill up your coffee mug full up to the rim? Like that:

And then, with a peculiar gait, trying not to spill it, carry it to a dining table. I just looked through my window and didn’t see a war, or a burst of hunger there, which would cause us to fight for every single ounce and milliliter of boiling water for our drinks.

We should do everything elegantly, starting with the mug up to the gait. Your coffee mug should look like this:

They kiss each other tenderly. Mouth to mouth. The movie credits start rolling up. What is going to happen next? For some reason that stays behind the scenes all the time. They have gone through fire and water to get to their goal. Love. But how is love continued? Here is the kiss he’s been fighting for throughout the entire movie.

True love is an attempt to grow something meaningful on the fertile soil of your broken heart.

What is next? What is going to happen tomorrow? After the credits. Will he invite her for a coffee, theatre? Maybe for a musical to go together with? Oh, year! The next is… Hm.

Maybe it’s just simple. Maybe…

Rule #8 then: “Never, ever use hand brake for parking.”

I bet you can relate to the following: you get into the car, start the engine, been driving for a while and suddenly you smell it. A distinct smell of something burning. The hand brake! You glimpse at the e-brake lever, and it’s engaged. “Oh dummy me,” you think.

Another one. In winter. Parked your car at night and as a matter of habit, you engage your e-brake. In the morning, when the brake pads froze to the rotors you can’t even move the car.

Well, rule #8 then: “Never, ever use hand brake for parking.”

You better use a shifter and put it in first gear if manual, or in “P” if automatic transmission.

  1. Originally created and published in Feb 2010
  2. For more visit “The Rules” project on

Rule #7: “Every problem has a simple solution.” ¹

If it seems there is no simple solution to a problem, that means the solution is yet to be found. Only a shortsighted mind that is bound to over-complicate things, is burdened to block itself in a dead-end of a thought process. Trust me, even seemingly unsolvable problems have a solution. Here is an example.

No human is perfect. I am colorblind. How it has happened and how do I live with it is a different story. However, I’ll tell you only one thing; there is no color criteria or feature…

It’s barely possible to love the work over a long period.

We are surrounded by items and people we like. Even more, some of them we genuinely love. However, unfortunately, an effect comes into place after we’ve spent a significant amount of time with the before-mentioned, akin to a static electricity accumulation.

The static electricity is made of fatigue and banality.

A similar thing happens to you at work. It’s barely possible to love the work over a long period. As a solution to that, it’s crucial to leave for a vacation occasionally. Even hobbies can be tiresome and require us to have a break from them either.

Those long in the tooth items and people accumulate within us as “static electricity.” The charge remains until it can move away.

Rule #6: “Occasionally ground and bound yourself.”

  1. Originally created and published in 2010
  2. For more visit “The Rules” project on

Even when you think the world is divided into black & white there are always the shades of grey which fill the void between them with a gradient.

Life doesn’t consist of black and white. There are always the shades of grey which fill the void between them with a gradient. In life, nothing can be unequivocally evaluated. I can only say with a degree of certainty that objectivity is vague and can be arguably existent in mathematics and physics. Also, people say there is some level of objectivity while looking through the viewfinder of a video recorder.

Thus, Rule #5: “If something means something, it doesn’t mean it means anything.”

  1. Originally created and published in Feb 2010
  2. For more visit “The Rules” project on

Which way to go when there is no clear direction?

Hey, I guess we are warming up here. Here is another small one.

Rule #4: “Always Follow the Rules.”

And, yes, I know, some of you would argue that there are occasions where you would step aside from following certain rules. I know it; everyone knows it. I won’t waste time talking about that.

Nonetheless, some of us follow the rules subconsciously.

All in all, if you want that everything goes smoothly, follow the rules.

  1. Originally created and published in Feb 2010 ↩︎
  2. For more visit “The Rules” project on

A story on how I managed to run my first marathon and crossed the finish line

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  1. How it started and what I did for prep?

As long as I remember, I have always enjoyed running. I truly admire it. It is not the proxy between being fit and myself; it is more a way of living and appreciating it. I am always down for a jog in the park or along the lake shore. It is my time, which exclusively belongs to me. …

Hello my young and mature readers, today I am going to tell you a fable about my never-ending journey beyond the Cupertino’s walled garden into wilderlands of freely roaming green robots, chocolate river banks, and electrified air of freedom. Gosh, that was a long sentence, wasn’t it? I feel like I am Leo Tolstoy with his lengthy narrative lines.

Samsung S10e in it’s glory with it’s 5.8" flat screen and the punch-hole display camera cutout

But let’s cut to the chase, I am still using an Android phone and have not decided yet whether I want to switch back to an iPhone. Yes, I have had many thoughts to return. But it doesn’t matter. I wanted…

Objective: To develop the best Toronto Subway Scheme which we all can be proud of.

Toronto Subway Scheme — 2019 [unofficial] by Anton Vinogradov

The status quo of the current Toronto Subway Scheme is depressing. And it’s hard to believe in it when thousands of people spend time every single day looking at it. It’s sad when they cannot appreciate it. Why would they? The original designer missed the chance to make something memorable.

My main task today is to make the scheme not only aesthetically pleasing but easy to use for everyone. It does not matter if you are colour blind or have any other visual impairments. The…


I observe the world around me, note imperfections, and strive to fix them. Or at least I try. The original author of "The Rules," started in 2010 in Russia.

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